You must specify which of the following 3 fitting options is required when placing your order.


1. Wall Mounted

The headboard will fit flush against the wall, without any movement. 

We would recommend this method for the taller / larger headboards.  It also allows for the bed to be pulled away from the wall if required. 

We will supply two brackets, one of which will fit to the back of the headboard and the other to the wall. They simply slot in to each other, holding the headboard snuggly to the wall. Fitting instructions will be provided with the headboard.


2. Bed Fix

This is the standard way to fit a headboard to the bed base.

We supply two hardwood struts and a set of bolts. Simply attach the struts to the back of the headboard, then slide the struts in to position over the bed mounting bolts (which will already be fitted to the bed base). Fitting instructions will be provided with the headboard.


3. Free Standing

This method allows the headboard to be simply placed behind the bed, leaning against the wall and without the use of any fixings.