Please consider the following 5 points, then contact us by phone or email for a quote and to place your order:

1 Width

We need the width of the headboard and, generally speaking, this is the width of a standard bed. 

However, if the bed is a non-standard size or you would like the headboard made wider than the bed, we can custom build to whatever dimension is needed. 

Standard Bed Sizes:

Single - 3ft - 92cm

Small Double - 4ft - 122cm

Double - 4ft 6" - 137cm

King - 5ft - 153cm

Super King - 6ft - 183cm

Emperor - 6ft 6" - 198cm

2 Height

Our headboards are made to a standard height of 76cm above the top of the mattress. However, this can be whatever height you require.

3 Mattress Section

All our headboards have a ‘mattress section’. This is a flat segment at the base which fits flush behind the mattress. As standard, this section is 20cm, but can be made larger if the bed has a deeper mattress.

4 Fixing Options

a)    Bed Fixed

b)   Wall Mounted

c)    Free Standing

5. Fabric

Fabric quantities will be given when the order is placed, we will work out what is required (included contrast piping amounts if necessary).

We're happy to work with fabrics supplied to us or alternatively, we can source almost any chosen fabric.

                                  We have an extensive fabric library and can arrange samples to be sent out on request.

Our suppliers include:

  • casamance

  • christopher farr

  • designers guild

  • designs of the time

  • gp & j baker

  • houles

  • ian sanderson

  • lewis & wood

  • mark alexander

  • marton mills

  • romo

  • ralph lauren

  • samuel & sons

  • soane

  • the isle mill

  • titley & marr

  • william yeoward

  • wemyss